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Most legal fields are hard to understand because of their complex terminology. Real estate law is perhaps the most difficult for people to understand because of the myriad of bureaucratic red tape and zoning codes.

If you are in the process of buying or selling a home, I highly recommend you contact John D. Rouse, P.C. I am a real estate attorney that is well-versed in the field of real estate law!

As your real estate attorney, I will assist you in a number of tasks. The first and foremost will be ensuring you understand the exact legal meaning of each major document. I will also assist you in drafting and negotiating contracts with the other involved party. I notify you of the various codes and regulations your property will have to comply with, including RESPA, FIRPTA, and 1031 Exchanges.

My legal services in the field of real estate also extend outside the realm of simply buying or selling property. I am fully capable of handling your case in the unfortunate event of home foreclosures, escrows, and mortgage disputes.

I promise to handle your case with the highest level of respect and dignity. The world of real estate law is utterly complex and I am more than happy to provide you legal counsel as your real estate attorney!

If you ever feel like you are overwhelmed by real estate proceedings or feel like you are being taken advantage of by a buyer, seller, or bank, please don’t hesitate to contact me immediately!

I am one of the best real estate lawyers in the Lincoln, NE area, call today!

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