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About Me | John D. Rouse, P.C. - Lincoln, NE

I’m John D. Rouse, P.C. and I am an independent lawyer who provides professional legal services to residents in the Lincoln area. I am fully certified to practice law and have years of practical legal experience that sets me apart from other firms.

While other firms only dedicate themselves to one legal field or only provide their services to the rich, I offer legal counsel and advice to anyone who wishes to meet with me.

I offer affordable payment plans for all individuals of varying incomes and I specialize in the law fields of bankruptcy, divorce, and real estate. These are fields that can be incredibly difficult to manage without the help of an experienced attorney.

I also offer legal counsel in several other fields of litigation; I do not limit the scopes of my services like other firms. I am dedicated to ensuring that the residents of Lincoln receive the legal representation that they deserve and will always follow through on my promises. Please contact me today to further inquire about my available services!

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